Kizomba Dj Course - 8h with Dj Sergio Banderas

Hey Djs from Germany and around!

Integrated in the LIKE Frankfurt Festival we will have for the 1st time a Kizomba Dj Course run by one of the most famous Kizomba Djs in Portugal, Dj Sérgio Banderas.

Sérgio, together with his other half, Olga Chaby, they Run the most successful Kizomba Party in Lisbon for many years also their own club: Barrio Latino

Sérgio besides being a professional Dj, by academic education he's a Biology Teacher... Sérgio uses his great teaching skills to put together a 2 Level Dj Training Program that will help the interested Kizomba Djs to improve their skills and knowledge.

The course is divided into 2 days: 4h each (8h in total)

SATURDAY (Dec 1st):
14:00 - 18:30

Module 1
Kizomba History
Musical Genres 
Musical Organisation and Alignment 
Musical Selection and Dance Floor 

Module 2
Standard Music Equipment
Audio Digital vs Analog 
Software and Controllers
All you need to know to connect your gear properly

Module 3
Beat Composition - Different Genres
Pitching e Autosync
Compass and Metrics
Beat sync
Equalising, Mixing and Basic Effects

SUNDAY (Dec 2nd): 

Module 4
Music Preparation
Music Structure
Search and Selecting the right music
Analisys about what makes or not someone want to dance

Module 5
Main Software recourses: Cue Points, Loops, Effects, Samples
Intro to Effects mainstream
Mixing Technique for different Music Genres

Module 6
Beat Sync Practice
Harmonious Mixing
Loop Mixing
Intermediate Equialisation

Price: 350€ (includes Party Pass for LIKE Frankfurt)